The Ancient Solitary Reign
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First Animal Fantasy Genre
Second Martin Hocke
Third Owls
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To the Barn owls of the rustic territories comes word that a giant Eagle owl is advancing through Tawny land to the south. An ancient way of life is under threat.

One young Barn owl, Hunter, has a crucial role to play in the fight to defend the age-old community of Barn owls. From his territory on the edge of a huge abandoned forest, Hunter has made contact with Little owls and Tawnies and is able to help form a defensive alliance to take on the invading monster.

But Hunter's heroism in battle is only the prelude to a more deadly prospect facing the owls - the struggle for survival pure and simple. As the encroachments of humankind affect the natural world in deeper and more frightening ways, the denizens of the ancient solitary reign have desperate need of the courage and wisdom of the mysteriously vanished Hunter.