Silverwing is the first book of the Silverwing series.

Previous book: Darkwing (0.5)

Upcoming book: Sunwing


Author: Kenneth Oppel

Animals: Bats

Category: Fantasy Animal Genre

Book Number: #1

Next book in series- Sunwing/ Darkwing (0.5)


Silverwing cover #3


Shade is a bat who seems so be different from the rest.  He's smaller,
250px-Silverwing Book

Silverwing book cover

weaker, and slower than the others.  Yet he possess a power to common among his kind; he can echoproject.  Shade is separated from his family and the rest of his species.  Toward his return to find his family and bats of Tree Haven, he will meet friends along his journey along with uncertain enemies in which he does not know if he can trust.

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