For children smaller then teens and adults these book are good for them to read. Here is a list of animal genre books for younger developing children.

Sleepy Oh so Sleepy- Baby animals are going to sleep one by one, but the tiny human baby is the most special of all...

Flip, Flap, Fly!- Little readers are invited to join these baby animals as they fly, swim, wiggle, and slide, all with the help of their mamas.

A Book of Babies- From the creator of A Book of Sleep and Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbitcomes a beautiful book of baby animals.

Chuckling Ducklings and Baby Animal Friends- The perfect introduction to animal names and animal groups, Chuckling Ducklings features baby animals of every variety.

What the Baby Hears-

Zoo Borns: Zoo Babies from arundd the World-

Mommy Carrie me please!- Just in time for Mother's Day comes this warm, high-spirited book to celebrate mothers throughout the animal world.

Are you my Mother?-

Hatch (Board Book)

I Hatched!-

Owl Babies-

Baby Bear sees Blue-

Owl Babies-

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