Animal is a series about saving animals.


  1. Kittens in the Kitchen
  2. Poney on the Porch
  3. Puppies in the Pantry
  4. Goat in the Garden
  5. Hedgehogs in the Hall
  6. Badger in the Basement
  7. Cub in the Cupboard
  8. Piglet in a Playpen
  9. Ponies at the Point
  10. Owl in the Office
  11. Lamb in the Laundry
  12. Donkey at the Doorstep
  13. Kitten in the Cold
  14. Goose on the Loose
  15. Bunnies in the Bathroom
  16. Calf in the Cottage
  17. Squirrels in the School
  18. Ginuea Pig in the Garbage
  19. Shetland in the Shed
  20. Racoons on the Roof
  21. Fawn in the Forest
  22. Dolphins in the Deep
  23. Bears in the Farm
  24. Swan in the Swin
  25. Foals in the Feild
  26. Lion by the Lake
  27. Dog at the Door
  28. Elephants in the East
  29. Horse in the House
  30. Monkeys on the Mountain
  31. Poney in a package
  32. Puppy in a Puddle
  33. Tabby in the Tub
  34. Sheep at the Show
  35. Pup at the Palace
  36. Mare in the Meadow
  37. Cats at the Campground
  38. Hound at the Hospital
  39. Whale in the Waves
  40. Terrier in the Tinsel
  41. Hamster in the Holley
  42. Huskey in a Hut
  43. Rabbits on the Run
  44. Polar Bears on the Path
  45. Labrador on the Run
  46. Racehorse in the Rain
  47. Tiger on the Track
  48. Kitten in the Candycorn
  49. Siamese in the Sun
  50. Gorilla in the Glade
  51. Puppy in a Present
  52. Giraffe in a Jam
  53. Beagle in a Backpack
  54. Hippo in a Hole
  55. Huskeys with a Heart
  56. Foxes on the Farm
  57. Dalmation in the Daisies
  58. Kitten in the Candy Hearts
  59. Stallion in Spookey Hollow
  60. Tabby under the Tree
  61. Corgi In the Cupcakes
  62. Beagle in a Basket
  63. Poney on th Post
  64. Mouse in the Mistletoe
  65. Seal on the Shore
  66. Collie with a Card
  67. Bunny in a Basket
  68. Mustang in the Mist
  69. Colt on Christmas eve
  70. Labrador in the Leaves
  71. Poodle in the Pansies
  72. Koalas in Crisis
  73. Wombat in the Wild
  74. Otter in the Outhouse
  75. Leopard at the Lodge
  76. Stallion in the Stable
  77. Seals on the Sled
  78. Propoise in the Pool
  79. Lambs in the Lane
  80. Guinea Pigs in the Greenhouse
  81. Roo on the Rock
  82. Badgers by the Bridge
  83. Bunny on a Barge
  84. Cats in the Caravan
  85. Chinchilla up the Chimney
  86. Dalmation in the Dales
  87. Panda in the Park
  88. Hamster in a Hamper
  89. The Kitten that won first prize: And other stories